pain reduction treatments

Do you suffer from back or neck pain, frozen shoulder, whiplash, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, tennis or golfers elbow? Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques (ACMT) such as trigger points and soft tissue release, are effective in the treatment of injuries and chronic pain conditions.


stress release treatments

Holistic treatments have countless therapeutic benefits, from relieving stress to boosting your immune system. When the balance of the immune system is disturbed we see the various symptoms of dis-ease. Complementary therapies aim to help us restore the balance, thus allowing the body to rest and repair itself naturally.


complementary therapy and cancer

Some people find it helpful to try different therapies to help them feel better while they're having treatment. Gentle treatments such as massage and reflexology can be beneficial to help manage some of the side effects of medication and to reduce stress and anxiety during cancer treatment and remission.


Bring your body back to balance…

Book a set a 5 treatments and get 10% off.*

*A set of 5 treatments must be booked and paid in advance, for the 10% discount to apply.


pain reduction treatments

Sports injuries?

Working too much? suffering wrist and arm pain?

Lower back pain?

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