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Stress, back and neck pain, whiplash, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, lack of energy, muscle tension, headaches, digestive problems, IBS, asthma, hayfeve, eczema, psoriasis or arthritis? These are just some the most common conditions and illness that can benefit from a holistic approach to health.
However holistic therapies are beneficial for everyone. They are a natural way of helping your body to find balance and promote a healthy life style.

Professional Holistic Treatments

Holistic therapies work on the principal that the body has a vital force or life energy. It is this force that protects the body from disease and allows it to heal. We often refer to it as the "immune system". When the balance of the immune system is disturbed we see the various symptoms of dis-ease. Holistic therapies aim to help the patient restore the balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

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Too busy at work?

Do work and family commitments leave you little or no time to unwind? Remember that it is estimated that 75% of all illness is due to the effects which stress and tension have on the body! Holistic Treatments are one of the best methods to promote and restore balance within the body by easing tension and the effects of stress.

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